Don’t fuck with sharp stuffs!

I don’t do much cooking these days. Loz is much better at that than me, I tend to do the ‘kitchen admin’ jobs – load and unload the dishwasher, de-scale the kettle, and sharpen the knives.

My keenness to have super sharp knives backfired slightly tonight, when I was helping open a packet of tortillas with a lovely sharp knife, it slipped back, nicked my finger and made a nice lil’ flap on the top of my thumb. It fucking hurt!

I don’t really like plasters but covered it up us I didn’t fancy a side order of blood on my fajitas. I took them off not long after but the bastard wounds keep opening! Never mind! Nothing a bit of Savlon and a nip of JD won’t sort 🙂

Note to self – Don’t cut towards your fingers with a razor sharp knife.

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