It dawned on me, about 15 mins ago that I’m fairly house-proud..

What spurred on this revelation?
It was 23.00 and I was ironing the settee covers.
That’s not as mental as it sounds, they weren’t ON the settee at the time, I’d taken them off this afternoon and washed them (yay IKEA!), but they are a fucking bastard to iron (boo IKEA!). I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t give a fuck about washing their sofa covers, but I like them clean. So despite taking about an hour to iron the pissing things, it’s nice to see the sofa looking as good as new afterwards.
This lead me to think about how I feel about our home, I would say I’m very house proud. It’s not 100% tidy 100% of the time, but when we have guests over I really try to make sure it’s spotless. The house is almost all cream carpets, which when clean look fab, but they really do show every speck of dirt and imperfection. I think our hoover will explode as I do tend to use it a lot!
I don’t like having unexpected guests or unplanned guests, it puts me on edge, I want people to see our home as it SHOULD be, not how we’ve left it. It’s a bit daft really because the house never really looks messy at all, Loz is fab at keeping it all looking clean and fresh. A good example is on Sunday, we’d been to Monkey Puzzle with G and J to meet Dan and his lovely kids, it came to about 4.00pm and we had to leave. Dan was planning on taking his kids to the park but the weather was turning, and they were all still having fun, so Loz invited them all back to ours for tea. 
Loz was excited at the prospect of rustling up food for 8 people, meanwhile I was thinking what needed tidying when we got home. The house was actually not that bad – but I’d done some ironing and left the board and baskets out, J’s dismantled Moses Basket was still in the lounge, that needed moving, some stuff needed to go in the dishwasher.. Nothing horrific, but I wanted to get it sorted all the same.
Fuck typing it all out makes me look like some OCD crazy person hell bent on tidying, I’m not.. I think it’s just something that’s rubbed off from Mum. When I was younger and lived at home Mum did a great job of keeping our house looking fab, it would always look impeccable when we had guests too!
I guess I’ve just been brung up proper.

2 thoughts on “House Proud?

  1. DannyUK says:

    As I was reading this my immediate thought was “That's why their house was so bloody tidy when we went round!”.  I'm disappointed to see that the clean house I saw was in fact what you consider untidy!  I agree though – hence why your open invitation round mine is only ever on a pre-warning basis 😉

  2. Bells says:

    Haha this is exactly what I'm like!! Stuff that is 'out' when it shouldn't be quickly gets shoved in a cupboard/wardrobe/loft lol!!

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