It would seem despite a quiet and holiday free Summer Holiday, the next month or so is going to be very busy with cool stuff. We’re hoping to stay at and review the Hotel at Drayton Manor Theme Park and have a day out there, I hope that comes to fruition as I’ve never been there before, and the hotel looks FAB!

Then we’re off to Alton Towers in October, I’ve not been in the park this season yet, so REALLY excited about that! The last time we went Loz was heavily pregnant and not able to enjoy much of the Waterpark! Then finally, just as the theme park season ends we’re off to stay for a family weekend at Legoland Windsor in the fabulous Hotel to review that, and also the Halloween / Firework extravaganza  they are hosting! Awesome!

So on all of those expect lengthy blog posts, filled with masses of photos 🙂 It’s always a bit risking doing stuff at the end of the season, because of the weather, but considering the summer we (haven’t !) had, it should be alright. To be honest, I’m just looking forward to a few days off at places I love!

Pop along to the Gallery to see my pictures from Alton Towers and LegoLand Hotel.

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