Doing homework with G is pretty fun – remember when she made this teeny mistake with her spellings ?

This weekend we were looking at her spellings, they were all related to the Tudors – so things like ‘King, Henry, conflict, roses, throne, divorce’ (really easy this week!). Once the spellings were done she had to write why the words related to the Tudors. I’m shite at history, so while Loz was feeding James, I tried my best. I actually asked G what she knew about the Tudors, and she gave a pretty long and comprehensive answer, awesome.  I wanted her to write about some of the less obvious Tudor words, and though ‘divorce’ might be a good one, so I said.

‘Right, now, what happens when a husband and wife split up, they need to do something…’

G looked at me blankly, so I tried to help..

‘Okay, so when a husband and a wife are married, and want to split up, they need to do something beginning with ‘D’

I motioned towards her list of spellings, hoping she’d spot ‘divorce’.

She looked me straight in the eye and said.

‘The wife has to…’ (I was making a ‘d’ motion with my mouth as she paused) … she continued


I couldn’t help but laugh.


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