Note – this is in the ‘RANT’ category – it contains fruity language.

I love ‘Parent and Child’ spaces, I think they are a fabulous idea. as it’s a real pain in the arse getting a Stage 1 seat out of the car and in to the travel system unless you’ve got your door wide open. Since J has arrived I’ve been reminded at just how lovely these spaces are, it’s been many years since I’ve needed to park in one of them as G is 9. The thing is, like disabled spaces, I respect them, they are there for a specific section of society, unfortunately though  I’ve noticed, as I did when G was a baby, just how selfish people are with them.

Today was a good example, we had Dan, Chard and Dave round for Sunday Dinner and to get the kids out of Loz’s hair I took them to Tesco to pick up a few bits we needed. Tesco on Princes Road in Chelmsford has a smallish Parent and Child area, probably 10 spaces, if you go on a Saturday or Sunday they are usually full. Which results in people going round and round the tiny section like they are on a demented merry-go-round, or you just have to go to somewhere else in the car park. When I got there today there was one space left! Hooray!

I swung the car in and got G to look after her brother while I went to find a trolley, as I was putting J in, two spaces became available and two cars quickly pulled in to fill them. Both cars had couples, probably ten or so years older than me, and they got out  and sauntered off to the store, neither had a child in sight – they just wanted to park closer to the store.

How fucking selfish is that?

20% of the spaces (at least!) gone to some lazy cunts who don’t want to have to walk more than 10 paces to the shop!

Similar thing happened when I left the store, people were leaving, and more childless people arrived. I just can’t believe how selfish and lazy people can be!

Perhaps the problem is the spaces SHOULDN’T be so close to the store? If they are further away people MIGHT be less likely to abuse them, there is no benefit really for them just to have a bit more room to open their doors. I don’t really like the spaces for their proximity to the store, I’m just happy to have a bit of room to get the baby out without dinging the car next to me, I wouldn’t mind pushing my trolley a bit further for this. Even then, I still think they’d be filled up with selfish knob heads. Perhaps they need an employee watching these and the disabled spaces, handing out fines for abusing them? I’m sure ASDA had / has a scheme where they did this and the money collected was sent to a charity for children, what a fabulous idea!

Perhaps I need to be less passive aggressive about it all? Instead of saying loudly to G+J –  ‘Oh dear, that silly person has forgotten their children’, maybe I should be a bit more bold and ask them what the fuck they are playing at being so damned selfish? Tell them to fuck off out of there unless they want to find a basket through their window…

I won’t though, I’ll just huff loudly.

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