I’m very quick to stick the knife in when I receive bad customer service, but when it’s good, I’m happy to tell you all. Today Interlink Express has made me cross, but then very happy by fixing the situation. I was expecting a parcel today and the carrier was Interlink Express. When I looked at the tracking info this morning it said –

‘Your parcel has been received at our depot and will be out for delivery shortly’


As the morning continued, the tracking information hadn’t changed, the parcel was still in the depot and out for delivery shortly, then it changed to ‘Your parcel has been recieved at the depot’ – no more mention of delivery. Arse. I looked at where the depot was, I could probably go and collect it. Their ‘Chelmsford’ Depot is in Braintree, a good 40 mins round trip. Screw that..

So me being me, I took to Twitter and called them cunts.


9 minutes later they responded!


So I sent them the details and I waited, a few minutes later they told me that they were investigating and would be back in touch shortly. About 30 minutes later I had a response saying that the parcel had been delayed, BUT it would be out to me today and they would confirm a time shortly. I was mildly sceptical about this, but thought I’d take them at their word. Sure enough, not long after I had another DM detailing the timeslot, and as promised, the parcel arrived to me. Perfect.

So thank you Interlink Express for making stuff happen.

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