Me being the strange creature that I am, can easily get obsessed with little tiny details in things. Something that has been bothering me for a while is my wallet, it was only cheap, I think £6.99 or something from Boots. It’s lasted for about 2 years now, and it’s slowly falling to pieces. I think the problem was the sheer number of cards I seem to have accrued for various things, needed to be crammed in, there are more cards than slots, and it’s knackered it.

I decided enough was enough and I’d have to treat myself to a new one, but I really struggled to find something that met my bizzare requirements. It needed to hold around 8-10 cards, BUT, I also wanted a clear section for my driving licence to go in. As I said before, I obsess of tiny things, the wallet needed the clear plastic bit, no idea why, it just makes me happier to have it (Yes – I know!).

After keeping an eye out as I shopped I really struggled to find something that met both my requirements, I even took to Twitter to see if anyone had any helpful suggestions. Alas, no one did, with a bit of Googling I managed to find just what I was after, a Fossil Midway Super Capacity Bifold Wallet . The price is extortionate, but I see it as a bit of an investment and hopefully it’ll last for years!

It arrived this morning, and it’s fab! It’s fairly compact and chunky (bit like me!) once it’s full, but it holds everything beautifully! I love it!


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