As my promotional period of half price phone and broadband was ending, I decided to upgrade from 60Mb broadband to 100Mb broadband. I would have done it sooner but I’d have lost my ‘6 months half price’ discount. Looking online if I were to upgrade they wanted to charge me £50 for an engineer visit, I wasn’t willing to pay this, especially as I’ve had a recent install and already have the Super Hub. I decided to give them a call to try to barter them down!

The woman I spoke to first agreed almost instantly to waive the £50 fee. Awesome! The problem was she was having difficulty applying it all to my account, so I got put through to a CS rep in the UK to sort it all. Unfortunately the rep I’d spoken to originally hadn’t log out of my account properly so he wasn’t able to apply it. Arse. He reassured me he’d get it done within 30 mins and call me back to confirm. Within 30 minutes I had the call, the 100Mb speed had been processed and I should have it within 24 hours. When I got off the phone I did a speed test and this was the result..

That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

Oooh if you want Virgin.. get it via Quidco, there’s cash in it for you!!

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