I’m really sorry the blog has been so quiet of late, I’ve been working lots (and lots!), mostly on designs, drawings and renders for a new Hospital / Health Centre, which has meant lots of late nights and early mornings. This has left me feeling very run down, so I’m grateful that soon I’ll be off to Alton Towers for a little break. This will be the first time in my five years of working for myself I’ve been away and NOT taken my laptop, it even came away on our Honeymoon, I do really need to switch off and not do anything for a few days. All my clients have been given plenty of warning that I won’t be around so I’m hoping the phone / email stays quiet because I do find it difficult saying ‘No’ to work.

It will also probably be our first ‘child free’ break since our Honeymoon too, G is with her Mum, and whilst J is coming to the Hotel he’ll be whisked off by his Grandma to spend a few days with her. It will be nice to sit and enjoy a meal out, without having to gobble it down, or let it go cold while we have to placate a screaming baby, weird, but very good! I’m also looking forward to a full nights sleep, no being half awake listening for moans through the baby monitor, or the breathing monitor going off because J has shuffled to the far end of the cot. Just pure, unadulterated rest!

It will be wonderful to go one some PROPER rides too! Loz and I haven’t gone on a Rollercoaster for over a year now! I do love Alton Towers, it’s like a second home, I’ve been far too many times, and stayed in the hotel lots too! Driving through the tiny village of Alton makes me happy and excited, just like it did when I first went there as a little one. It’s changed so much since then, but in so many ways it feels the same, I’m smiling just thinking about it! 🙂

So yes, if you’re a fan of Alton, keep an eye on my Twitter as I imagine there will be a load of photos going up, and hopefully when I return I’ll feel that little bit calmer and happier!

Oooh also, on Monday night I had brilliant fun with Tasha and Dan recording THREE episodes of WafflePod, their brilliant podcast. The premise is fairly simple, 20 minutes of non stop banter, anecdotes and piss taking. I’m so thankful they let me be on it (I want to be famous, please, someone make me famous!) and I hope I was interesting enough to be invited back! I think the first on is going up on Friday – keep looking here for it – or here on iTunes!


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