Arrrggghhhh! I’m getting so annoyed with the shoddy coding in this theme, the support is appalling and now I’ve discovered the issues aren’t just necessarily limited to Phones / Tablets – the blog actually screws up on Macs too. So in proper ‘toys out of the pram’ style, this theme is going, so in the next few days the blog might disappear while I get it fixed, hopefully coming back with a ‘responsive’ theme that works on pretty much anything.

I’ve found one I like and I need to go through the documentation to ensure the transition should be relatively painless, but hopefully by the weekend everything will be up and running and looking perfect! I’ve also had some contact from some PR peeps who want to work with me on a few things which is very exciting, I’ve got a new gadget to review, and a fantastic website to put through its paces, I’m very excited! Also I’ve got my upcoming trip to LEGOLAND Windsor which I’m very excited about! I’ll have lots to write up about that I’m sure – we’re staying in the hotel too, so will be nice to experience what it’s like to stay in the Hotel I photographed back in February!

So if you visit here in the next few days and the ‘Maintenance Mode’ is on, don’t worry I’ll be back soon!

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