The last week has been a bit stressful for me, my wedding ring went missing. I noticed it was gone last Thursday, the thing is I couldn’t remember when I’d last worn it! I do take it off when washing my hands, or slathering J’s Palmer Baby Butter on after his bath. Normally I pick it up after, and pop it back on. If I don’t do it immediately I’ll remember later and find it. When I noticed I wasn’t wearing it I looked around the house in all the normal places I might leave it – the bathroom, the kitchen sink, J’s room, my bedside table. It was no where to be seen.

Then I had a flashback to the night before, our rather drunken WafflePod record at The Wine Cellar and The Saracens Head. We were trying to copy Tasha’s ‘finger trick’.

Had I taken the ring off and left it on the pub table while I tried to bend my fingers? My memory was hazy, I didn’t THINK so, but there was a nagging doubt. HAD I? I spoke to Tasha, who thankfully wasn’t drinking, and she’d remembered that I wasn’t wearing my ring. That’s something at least, I hadn’t left it on a pub table, but it was still missing.

I had to tell Loz it was missing, it felt odd not having it, it really put me on edge, and I was hoping she might remember just where the hell it’d gone! She mentioned that I’d given J a bath before I’d gone out, so I’d probably removed it then. YES! She was right! I thought the cat might have knocked it off the window sill where I normally put it, I pulled out J’s chest of draws to look behind where I guess it might be.

Nope. Not there.

I was feeling very uneasy now, it was no where to be found. I was certain it was SOMEWHERE in the house as I never tend to take it off outside. To put me less on edge I wore the ring Loz bought me when we got engaged, it felt ‘normal’ having something on my finger, but not the same.

I began thinking back further to when I might have taken the ring off outside the house, the last time was at Alton Towers Hotel, in the bathroom. I would have hoped if it was there then they would have let us know by now, but Loz called them, and they confirmed it hadn’t been found. I was slowly starting to think it was gone for good, my next port of call was tearing the house apart to see if the cat had found it and knocked it under something.

When we were away on Tuesday night, Loz got a text from her Mum, who was baby/house sitting at ours. She’d found the ring! It was under J’s cot! I was so pleased it had been found, it was great to be reunited with it yesterday!

Note to self – Put wedding ring back on after taking it off!

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