Or at least it did, until today..

I’ve never been a fan of Halloween, as a child we never did anything to celebrated, it wasn’t really the done thing back then. Halloween was something to be scared of, there were ‘hooligans’ armed with flour and eggs, set on pancake based destruction. It was nothing like we saw in American films, everyone dressing up, the neighbourhoods filled with happy ‘trick or treaters’, oodles of sweets and treats, and not a ‘trick’ in sight. Every morning after Halloween, we’d trek to school, dodging eggs on the pavement, I hated it.

The dislike of Halloween is very deep seated in me, I’ve never taken G out Trick or Treating, tonight even I holed myself up in the house with J. I vowed I wouldn’t open the door while Loz was out (she LOVES Halloween and sprints to the door when it goes). I took the pumpkin out of the window and bathed J, hoping the door wouldn’t knock. It didn’t. I came downstairs, all quiet..



I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it.

Then I heard some little giggles through the door, I felt a pang of guilt.. I opened the door, to be confronted with some tiny kiddies, all beautifully dressed up, screaming a mixture of ‘TRICK OR TREAT’ and ‘HAPPY ‘ALLOWEEEEEN’. My heart melted, my little girl was out doing this, I let them delve into the box of sweets Loz had left by the door, they all said ‘Thank You’ and went off giggling into the night. I actually felt nice, happy even!

A few minutes later the door went again, once again I was confronted by a fabulous array of costumes and happy children, sweets were handed out, thanks were given and off they went. Then five minutes later, it happened again, I actually was enjoying this! Just a couple of bags of cheap sweets were making all these little kids happy. Not long after G arrived home with her haul of sweets, she was excited and full of tales of all the people she’d met, and houses she’d visited, she was buzzing!

We’ve probably had another four groups after that too, all very happy, polite and grateful and pleased with just a couple of sweets, it’s pretty cool. Indeed G came home happy with a handful of sweets.. Fuck it, next year, I’m going all out, we’re having a cemetery in the front garden! 🙂

While we’re feeling spooky – don’t forget to enter my fab ‘The Dungeons’ Competition

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