I love my Nexus 7, it’s easily the best bit of hardware I’ve owned, and for the money, I think it nigh on impossible to beat. I wrote this piece about it here.

Google have recently announced that the 8gb model will be dropped, the 16Gb version will be reduced in price to £159.00 and you can now get a 32Gb version for £199.00 and the 3G 32Gb version for £239.00. When Google announced the drop in price, a lot of people were a bit annoyed they’d paid £199 for something that was dropped by £40 a few months later.

ASUS softened this blow by running this promotion – if you bought your tablet through any of their resellers (not the Play Store) up until October 29th you were entitled to a free £25 voucher to use on their online store to buy accessories for your Nexus 7, or any other ASUS products.

It was a fabulous idea in theory anyway..

When they announced it the part of the site where you registered immediately went down under the load, and was broken for several days. When you could eventually register you were told to send a proof of purchase via email to them to confirm where you got your one from. I did this on 13th November, so 2 weeks ago, and still I’ve heard nothing back. The annoying thing is, plenty of other people who submitted their proof of purchase around the same time have received their voucher back now. Heck, some have even spent it.

Reaching out to the ASUS UK Twitter Team has been unhelpful, all you get back is a ‘well I’m sure it’s in the queue’ or ‘it’ll be sorted out soon..’, there is no ‘Let me try and find out what’s happening..’ or ‘Send us some further details and we’ll investigate..’ etc. I don’t understand how hard it can be to sort this all out, ASUS have the serial numbers off all the units, and where they were sent to. Surely all you’d need to do is register your serial number and the voucher will ping straight back to you? Why does there need to be some desk troll manually checking these thousands of proof of purchases?

If I get any sort of resolution, I’ll post it here, and hopefully ASUS UK’s Twitter and Facebook people will be of more help (not holding my breath!)

UPDATE – Well Asus UK’s Twitter Team have been in touch and taken my details and are looking into the delay for me! They’ve promised to come back to me in the next day or so.

One thought on “ASUS are useless bell-ends. (UPDATED)

  1. Kiz Wgh says:

    ASUS are still bell ends. The Nexus 7 2012 tablet has lots of problems. Try sending it back, within the 12 months warranty, and they make it as difficult as possible to do so. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of unhappy customers are suing the shit out of them.

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