I do feel like I’ve hit a wall in every sense of the word, J is finally officially ‘teething’ with one tooth out, and several suspicious white marks around that. It’s nice to see the teeth, but it’s transformed this usually happy baby into a bit of a grump, his napping and sleeping is a bit all over the place. This has meant mine (and Loz’s) sleeping is a bit all over the place too!

He’s also starting to sense what is ‘his’ now, (i.e. anything he is currently holding is ‘his’) and if you take it from him he’ll  quickly meltdown into a screaming fit. Thankfully it’s quickly remedied by quickly giving him something he IS allowed, but it is really starting to get right on my tits!

It’s made worse by the fact Loz is very busy with work, as am I, and there just don’t seem enough hours in the day to get everything done. I knew it would be hard working from home AND looking after a baby, I just didn’t think it would be THIS hard.  I’m sure it will all settle down at some point (in several years!) I just want to shake off this general ‘head-fogginess’ and start feeling a bit more human again.

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