Ahh Tesco, we’ve had a few run ins, from your disgusting store on Springfield Road, Chelmsford to your decision to use Yodel and their light fingered couriers. Still, I’m sure you can manage to honour a promotion in a timely fashion, can’t you?


No, you can’t.

Back in August, Tesco launched ‘Delivery Saver‘ a plan which is ideal for us, you pay £60 for a six month subscription and with that you have the ‘Service Charge’ of your Home Delivery waived (so long as you spend over £40 per shop). We did the sums and indeed the Delivery Saver plan would save us money as we have shopping delivered nearly every week. As an introductory offer those signing up for the 6 month plan would get 1000 Clubcard Points! Hooray! That’s essentially the equivalent of spending £1000 in store, so it’s a fair amount of points. As we purchase our Merlin Annual Passes through Tesco Clubcard it was a no brainer. Saving money AND helping us pay for the Annual Passes.


The problem is, they’ve not actually given us the points.

I’ve asked the @TescoClubcardUK Twitter team about it several times. Firstly they apologised for the delay and said they’d be added ‘soon’, and again just before the November statements were prepared I was told by them they ‘should’ be on the November statement. They weren’t. Being a bit annoyed I got in touch again and was asked for my Clubcard details. They looked at my account and told me there was a problem with them being added but they would be added ‘by the end of the week’. That was annoying on two counts – 1. It had taken nearly three months to do it – 2. As the points didn’t go on the November statement they’d be on the FEBRUARY statement, so I’d actually be able to USE the points SIX MONTHS after I’d signed up, and when the Delivery Saver was actually up for renewal again.

How can it take so long to put the points on to the account?

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