Hello Peeps!

Just thought I’d update you on stuff that is happening, and coming soon on this very here blog.

1 – Wafflepod – My stint on the Wafflepod Podcast is still happening, and I might be on further episodes! YAY! The latest one – Episode 11 – went up on Friday. It’s pretty funny (although Ep. 12 where Dan and I are drunk is a STONKER!) Still I’m really enjoying doing them, and amazed at the amount of people who listen – subscribe on iTunes here.

2 – Upcoming Reviews – I’m in the process of writing up my review of the LegoLand Windsor Resort (it’s BIG! Possibly in two parts), that should be done early next week. I’m also testing a Sound Asleep Speaker Pillow, the write up about that will probably be online later this week, early next.

3 – Gallery – I’ve not fully ‘moved’ the Gallery over to the new style yet, because this site is now compatible with Retina Displays, I can upload really high res images into the gallery. I’ll get this sorted in due course.

4 – Competition – Don’t forget to enter my fabulous ‘The Dungeons’ competition, it’s a cinch to enter and you’ve got a fairly good change of winning!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!

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