That is a fairly strong statement, and I do stand by it, let me explain.

The video / song is ‘Red Hands’ by Walk Off the Earth, I’m fairly new to the work of WOTE, my first experience was their brilliant cover of Goyte’s ‘Somebody that I used to know’ where five of them are playing one guitar. After watching that I went through their incredible back catalogue of YouTube Videos and I was an instant fan, these guys are all genuinely talented AND can produce a decent video. This is there first ‘big’ video, most of the others are recorded by the band with handheld cameras, and usually in one take.

This video pushes things a bit further, it is recorded in one take, and the video is rushed forwards, backwards, sped up and slowed down to create the full thing. Sounds impossible? To stop people saying it’s been edited the band have actually uploaded the raw footage of how they performed it all. You can see that here –

Watching the raw footage, and then watching the finished product gives you an appreciation of just how much work and planning went in to making three minutes of music video.

If you like the song you can get their – ‘R.E.V.O – EP’ from iTunes here

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