Tired of being stuck indoors, on Sunday we decided to venture out to The Discovery Centre in Braintree, for a brisk Winter stroll.

We’d never been before so were unsure what to expect, in essence, it’s a vast expanse of park land with walking / cycling routes, along the routes are all manner of play equipment. These range from massive oversized seesaws, to little slides, and some massive (scary looking) high stuff for the older children.

The Cafe / Toilets / Bike Hire  Place at The Discovery Centre
The Cafe / Toilets / Bike Hire Place at The Discovery Centre

We started off with a brew and a bit of cake in the Cafe, this was pleasant enough, although the Chocolate Cake Loz and G shared was a little on the stale side. Annoyingly the disabled toilet/baby change appeared to be locked and we were told ‘the Ranger will have the key’, Loz changed him on the toilet floor in the end.

We then set off around the paths, G leapt on everything that we came across, I supervised her, and Loz looked after J in the carrier. A lot of the ‘activities’ didn’t have benches next to them, and a lot of the benches were also roped off, which was a bit annoying.

Still, it was a pleasant trek which took us just over an hour, you could spend hours here I’m sure as it was freezing and there weren’t really many places for us to stop for a bit longer.

Here are some photos of our time there –


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