Apologies for the length and possible spelling / grammar issues, I’m angry at being tethered to the house for two days. Here is my story..

This isn’t my first run in with Yodel, remember when someone at the Chelmsford Depot stole my tablet? No? It’s all here.

Our Travel System is broken, Amazon no longer sell it, so offered to collect it and refund us. Perfect. That is, until Yodel became involved. On Monday night I booked a collection online with Yodel, I had an email confirmation the parcel would be collected on Tuesday. The travel system was all boxed up with the shipping label on ready to go. It was getting rather late in the day, and I reached out to the Yodel twitter team. Obviously wanting to race out of the door for 5pm when they finish I had a DM telling me I’d have an update tomorrow. So I guessed they weren’t coming. They didn’t.

This morning arrived and I requested an update, I was told that the parcel would be collected today! Hooray!

True enough, a few hours later, there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find a man standing there. He stared at me.

I waited for him to state his business.

He stared at me.

I waited.. It was starting to feel awkward. I had to say something – ‘Yes?’ was all I mustered.

He stared. Then broke his silence.


I mused for a second.

‘Erm, I’m from Yodel I gotta collect something’ he added.

‘Ahh.. Brilliant!’ – I signalled toward the massive box.

‘Oh – I can’t take that!’ he exclaimed. I asked him why.

‘I’m in a car, It won’t fit, you’ll have to rebook it and ask for a van, or I can ring my boss and get someone to get a van.’

‘Call your boss please’

‘I’ll go back to my car and call the boss, we’ll try and send someone out in a van, it might be tomorrow now’.

He went. I heard nothing, I pressed the Yodel Twitter Team for more info. I was met with silence. Nothing. Then at 16.38 I had a DM  telling me they were waiting to hear from the depot, but regardless I’d have to book the collection again, and to specifically request a van (it seems too much to believe a courier company would have a fucking van!) Sadly though as Amazon arranged the collection and do the paperwork, I have to get them to rebook it. I can’t do it, and Yodel certainly won’t,

How is this company still in business?!

4 thoughts on “Yodel – You are an incompetent shower of cunts.

  1. mummyshambles says:

    I’ve had no end of mither with these…
    They delivered one of my orders to a house in the next street despite the address being correct on the parcel.
    And don’t start me on City Link! :/

  2. Adam Garratt says:

    Ah Yodel, the mightily efficient courier service that prides itself on consistency, professionalism and outrageously good service….said no one ever. I’ve heard nothing but bad press about these folks that I too wonder how they are still in business. I tell why though, they are cheap. And that’s why businesses use them.

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  4. steve says:

    With you on that. Bunch of twats. Support is piss poor.
    Took two parcels to my local centra store, got email confirmation I left parcels with them. One week later and countless emails/webchat to them, only one of the two parcels were delivered. Went to the local collection store and found the parcel had been left in an empty (supposedly) hessian sack. Eight days later, the item is on its way. Lazy shites who call themselves couriers can’t even empty a sack. They don’t even scan them at the store when they collect. They just bundle them into a sack and then they are scanned at the local depot. So if a parcel goes missing, the store has no comeback as to where it is or if it’s been picked up. Store manager needs to stand over these cretinous wasters and make sure they scan every parcel before it leaves the shop. Too many lazy bastards working in the courier business. Get it sorted Yodel!

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