My blog has been quiet for the past week  or so, it’s generally because I just haven’t had the time really to write a post. I had a stinking cold, which was just about bearable – then J got it, and as any parent will know, a Baby with a cold isn’t fun. Cue lots of disturbed nights, unusual sleeping patterns and lots of tears, and J has been equally as bad! Annoyingly this Cold seems to have hit at a time in which I’m horrendously busy at work, working at home with a baby is hard enough, and with a poorly baby is nigh on impossible.

Loz has been a trooper though, she’s running her own business too, and she’s soldiered on wonderfully. J has been particularly clingy to her so there have been plenty of times where she’s been keeping him busy allowing me to crack on. With the end seemingly in sight I get handed a MASSIVE project to do, possibly one of the largest to date, and to compound it all, the deadline is TIGHT. There are times where I wonder how I will cope, but I just lie back and think of the money at the end of it!

On the subject of money, as most self employed and un-organised people will know, the tax deadline is breathing down our necks too, which I could really do without! Still, it’s gotta be done! 🙂

I’m hoping for some let up in a few weeks when Loz and I go away for our anniversary, 2 nights of no children and blissful lie ins. Ahhh, the thought of it is making me relaxed! 🙂 I’ve still got my fingers firmly crossed on winning the #BritainsBestDayOut Review competition for my Colchester Zoo entry. That would be awesome!

Anyway, I’m sure normal service will be resumed shortly – but for now. SLEEP!

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