Based on the BBC One TV show of the same name, I’ve decided to pick three things that drive me MAD and consign them permanently into Room 101. If you disagree with me, feel free to comment! First Up..

Unnecessary Hands Free

We all know it’s illegal to drive a car and use a phone without a hands-free kit, I’m totally behind this, I’ve got a Bluetooth kit in my car for this purpose. My problem is with unnecessary Hands Free, we all know the type, lording it up with their dipshit earring in. 99% of the time they are never talking on it, it’s just there – hanging out of their ear like a technological turd. Usually the worst thing is when the phone rings, they’ll have to take the phone out of their pocket and hold to see who is calling. Totally pointless! You don’t look cool, or space age, you look like a loser. Take it off in the car, and leave it for when you NEED to be hands-free.

People who can’t park a car

Cars are dangerous things, and there are so many people out there who really shouldn’t be driving, the worst ones are those who can even stop a car in a sensible place. I see it a lot outside of G’s school, the Chelsea Tractors and Merc owners seem to have some form of dyslexia that turns the ‘Keep Clear’ Zig Zags into ‘Park Here’ ones. I witnessed this brilliant bit of parking today.


It’s not immediately clear, but that green car is parked ON a junction. The red car, my car, and all the cars behind have to drive on the wrong side of the road into the path of cars coming in to the school. Why? Because they are lazy, instead of doing another lap, it’s easier just to dump your car and go drop the kids off. People like this make me want to smash all their windows and leave a dump on the drivers seat.

Buggy Ashtrays

worst-mom-stroller-smokeI’m not going to berate parents that smoke, that’s your choice. What irks me are those parents who walk along with a buggy, with a fag on the go. Usually trying to text and push the buggy along on at the same time, using the hood of the buggy as some kind of ash tray as the burning embers drop down towards their smoke addled child. It looks horrid. Children are stressful, no one will argue that, but maybe leave the smokes till they are having a nap, or doing something else. Rather than towering above them flicking ash onto their heads?

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