We set off to The Baby Show today, it was J’s first ever time on the Tube and DLR, he seemed to enjoy the experience! The primary objective at The Baby Show was to see Tommee Tippee’s latest product, veiled in secrecy until 11.30am this morning. The ‘Perfect Prep‘ is a clever little gizmo that can create a perfect temperature bottle in under two minutes, I’ll do a full post on that separately, but it’s VERY good! 🙂

The Baby Show is full of fabulous stands. Personally I think the gems are found on the smaller stands, there were two things that caught my eye, enough so to make a purchase! These were –

20130222_161436The NeckerChew by Cheeky Chompers

A dribble bib with a difference, it has a teether built in to it – so many times I’ve been rummaging around trying to find J something to chomp on when his teeth are coming through!

No more! We’ve got one of these bad boys! Such a simple idea, available in a range of nice colours, they are reversible too. The ladies on the stand were lovely too!

Have a look at their website here

ChilliPeeps Teet 


Great for when you’re out and about, the ChilliPeeps Teat solves a common problem many people experience when out and about with young hungry babies and no clean sterilised bottle to use. This can screw directly into formula cartons, or straight on to most waters bottles. It’s re-usable, and you can sterilise it too. It’s such a brilliantly simple idea, I’m amazed no one thought of it sooner!

You can read more about it on their website here


Did you find any gems at The Baby Show?

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