On Friday I was invited to The Baby Show by Tommee Tippee for ‘The Big Reveal’, they were launching a new product at the show, and Loz and I were trying to guess what it might be. We’d come up with the idea of a ‘Tassimo‘ style machine for formula, and we were nearly correct! This is the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep..


The machine is brilliantly simple, you fill the hopper with tap water, adjust the machine to the correct height for the bottle (it works with pretty much ALL brands of bottles). Select the size of feed you’re preparing and switch it on. The water is then filtered through the machine (via a replaceable filter) It blasts a ‘hot shot’ of filtered water into the bottle which kills any bacteria in the formula and enables it to dissolve easier. You then put in your formula powder, and press the button again and the bottle is topped up to the level you required. Then you just pop the top on the bottle, give it a shake and it’s done, you have a bottle at body temperature in around 2 mins. How quick is that?!

Cleaning the machine seems pretty straightforward too, it will warn you when the filters need replacing, and also it will tell you when it needs to be de-scaled  To de-scale it they recommend you use white vinegar rather than any chemicals. The filters have a life of around 3 months (depending on how many bottles you make). It really is a great little gadget that takes the faff out of formula feeding.

The machine will be available through selected retailers at the start of May with a retail price of £99.99. If you’re really quick off the mark Tommee Tippee have given me a discount code for readers of this blog to use when you pre-order through Amazon, which gives you a whopping 33% off, bringing the price down to £66! The code is only valid until 03/03/13 so you need to get a wriggle on! The discount code is

9DIC8VIU (those are I’s and not 1’s!)

You enter the code during checkout where it asks ‘do you have a gift certificate or promotional claim code?’ The full T+C’s of the voucher can be read here. Order it via this link here.

I’m hoping to get a unit to do a video review soon so you can see just how simple it is, so keep your eyes out, but it really is a steal at £66!

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