J is on the move and in to EVERYTHING. This has meant he’s keen to ‘play’ with the contents of the A/V Cupboard under the telly, the doors are wooden, so they need to be open for us to change channels, put a film in etc. This has meant J has constantly been diving into the cupboard, trying to yank out the TiVo and chew on my xBox controller. Annoying.

I picked up one of these on eBay – it’s an Infra Red Repeater. There’s a little ‘eye’ that sits by the TV, which plugs into the box, and then from the box are little ‘eye’s on very thin wire that you stick near the IR receiver on the device. Power up the little box, and you can control all the stuff in the cupboard with the doors closed!

It’s fool proof until he can reach the handles! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The £14 Sanity Saver

  1. TheBrickCastle says:

    We gave ours their own Playstation controller – an old one that didn’t work very well anyway, so we took out the batteries and stuck stickers on it. It’s hilarious watching the youngest one ‘playing’ a game with his siblings 😀

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