You may have remembered I did a rather nifty video of our day trip out to Colchester Zoo, well it was all part of a competition run by and Tots100 to possibly win £2000 cash for the best review. I must admit getting rather excited that I might have won after I had contact from MoneySupermarket asking me to tweak the volume levels on the video so you could hear G over the music. I hurriedly re-rendered the video and uploaded it to YouTube, could it be?!?

Last night the winner was announced, and as you may have guessed, I didn’t win..


All is not lost though, I was actually short-listed in the Top 5 entries which is very good, and I am pleased with, even so though, two grand would have been amazing!

Never mind, congrats to the winner ‘Tired Mummy of Two‘, your winning poem is very good..





*whispers* but my video is better! 😉

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