Was just sat at my desk working away when the doorbell rang, in front of me stood a courier with a massive white box, addressed to me. I was a bit perplexed as I hadn’t ordered anything, I thought it might be an early birthday present.. I opened it up. There was a big Blue Lego Box..


I’d remembered that the lovely people at Nintendo and Lego had send me some Lego Goodies to celebrate the Wii U launch of LEGO City Undercover which is out tomorrow! I opened it up expecting to find some Lego-y bits, and I did!

20130327_101942 (1)

They’d sent me a copy of the game (although I don’t have a Wii U!) plus lots of other goodies, including a Lego Cup Cake..


I lifted some of the bits out of the box, thinking how excited G would be to play with all the cool stuff.. Then I spotted something underneath the bits and pieces (bottom right)…

20130327_101958No.. Really..

It can’t be…



It’s a BLOODY Wii U!!! OH MY GOD!

How awesome is that?! Thank you so much Lego and Nintendo – you’ve made my day, sod it my YEAR!! I can’t wait to see G’s face when she comes over next week! 🙂 Amazingly, it’s not a demo unit, it’s mine to keep!! Expect lots of Wii U based content coming up!

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