So, J is well into his 11 Month, his development is still flying along at a scary pace, similar to his walking – he seems to think just toddling along isn’t good enough, and instead will try and run to his ‘target’. His balance at speed isn’t there yet so this has resulted in almost daily incidents of flying face first into the floor and other surrounding objects. It’s not nice, but you can’t catch him every time!

Also now his climbing skills are in place it’s becoming a lot harder to move stuff out of his reach, putting remote controls and phones at the back of the sofa is no longer a ‘safe’ place, if he spots them, he’ll climb up on the sofa in a flash. It’s impressive to watch, but because he hasn’t honed his climbing down, again, this quite often results in a tumble off the sofa if we’re not quick enough. He’ll learn!

20130405_171529G has been with us for some of Easter, and she’s slowly getting that it’s best just to leave J to do and go where he wants to (within reason), she did have a tendency to want to pick him up and put him where SHE wanted him to be. J, starting to do his own thing often melted down and got angry with her until she put him down. I’m just constantly having to re-iterate to her that now he’s so mobile, if she doesn’t want J to grab and chew on her things, they need to be out of his reach. Now he’s nibbled a few of her toys, and thrown her DS a couple of times, I think the message is slowly sinking in!

His speech is getting on well, and as I mentioned before he’s cracked ‘Dadda’, and there were a few ‘Hiyas!’ tonight too. His favourite thing at the moment is ‘Row your boat’, if you sing the ‘If you see a crocodile, don’t forget to scream’ version to him, he’ll add a rather cute ‘Ahhhhh’ to the end of it. Loz and G took him to the clinic this week, and he’s 22lb 3oz, which has made him leap back to the 75% percentile (which he was at birth), the nurse commented that he ‘must like his food’, and that they’d ‘expect a slight drop in weight’ now he’s so active, but no, our little chunky monkey has gone up! His feet are a size 4 now too! Got a horrible feeling we’re going to get through a lot of shoes!

All in all, he’s doing wonderfully! I can’t believe he’ll be a one year old in a matter of weeks!

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