Apologies for being so quiet lately, I went ooop North to see Loz’s family and in between catching up with work and looking after small people, the blog has been somewhat neglected.

Last night, I was off on official blog business down at the offices of Bite for the ‘#HarmanDads Evening’. Ten of us ‘Daddy Bloggers’ were invited to see the latest audio offerings from JBL, Harman Kardon, and AKG in an informal Beer and Pizza fuelled session. It was wonderful meeting some fellow Dad Bloggers including the ‘infamous’ Daddacool aka Alex. It was a superb event, nicely chilled out and fantastic to actually get hands on and play with the gadgets, there was plenty of time to snap pictures and have a fiddle with all the shiny shiny!



The San Miguel went down a treat, perhaps a bit too well.. I felt a little ‘slurry’ when I was interviewed on camera about the event. I’m going to do a full write up of all the products I saw in due course, there was some incredibly cool tech on show! They also gave us a JBL Soundfly BT to take home, I was very impressed with it at the event and I’ve been running mine in today – it’s genius! Keep an eye for a full review of the Soundfly BT soon!

Today was also pretty awesome, I finally met Tracy Morter! As well as instigating the campaign in 2009 to get Rage Against the Machine to No. 1, and beating X-Factor to Christmas No.1 – her ‘day-job’ is being an awesome photographer. We’ve wanted some nice photos of G+J (and to a lesser extent, us) for a while now and Tracy’s ‘natural’ style is just what we wanted. So we met at a slightly gloomy and wet Hylands Park for a little wander round whilst she stealthily snapped away. J is too little to sit and ‘pose’ for more traditional style photos, so her getting pictures of him while he toddled around worked perfectly! I really can’t wait to see the finished pictures and will post a couple up here for you to see!

So yes, it’s been a pretty hectic half term so far!

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