I got sent an awesome package the other day..

20130502_115432An Iron Man 3 Sonic Blasting Iron Man! How cool is that?

It was obviously more for G to ‘review’ than me, as I’m a little bit big for such childish things (WHO AM I KIDDING?!) She was pretty please too!


There was ‘some assembly required’, you have to put his legs on! G got on with getting him out of the box.


Once the legs were on, we had to pop 3 AA batteries in, I wasn’t allowed to help.


And that was it! Sonic Blasting Iron Man was ready to go! She did complain that the missiles weren’t firing properly, this was actually her fault for not pushing them right in. Once she’d been told they had to ‘click’ in place, there was no stopping her (aside from me telling her not to ‘shoot’ her brother!). The ‘Blaster’ is activated by the button on the back, if you press and hold the button it will automatically spin and fire each missile until all five are ‘launched’. You actually get 10 Missiles included which is handy as I think several will disappear behind the sofa or get lost in the garden!


The figure itself is quite tall (about 30cm ish), and stands well (it’s proudly displayed in her room now!), although there isn’t masses of movement in either the arms or legs, but I suppose the selling point is the ‘blaster’! The chest has a button on that when pressed plays whizzy ‘Iron Man’ sounds, and it pulses colours as it does so.

It’s a cool action figure that will appeal to both most kids (even those in their 30’s!), it’s well built and looks good! Buy one here.

Disclaimer – This item was sent to me through the markettiers4dc Parenting Broadcast Blogger Network to review.

One thought on “Review – Iron Man 3 – Sonic Blasting Iron Man

  1. justanormalmummy says:

    I showed this to my husband and he had a small fit. An appreciative fit that is… 🙂 I also like the fact that your little girl doesn’t just play with ‘little girl’ toys. As the toy companies tell them to 😉 xx

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