The lovely people at LegoLand Windsor have invited the four of us to be some of the very first guests to experience the new Duplo Valley this weekend! If you haven’t heard about it, it’s an outdoor area for toddlers and children to have some fun playing and getting wet! There are two areas, the first is the ‘Duplo Splash Safari’ –

The DUPLO® Splash Safari is the ultimate wet play environment for little ones featuring a menagerie of DUPLO animals – from lions and giraffes, to zebras and elephants, penguins and polar bears. Designed with under fives in mind, children can splash and play in complete safety as their favourite DUPLO animal friends squirt out fountains of water showering anyone in their paths.   This area is for children only with convenient viewing areas for parents to observe the fun from a dry distance!

And the second is the ‘Duplo Drench Towers’ –

There’s plenty of wet fun for older members of the family too up at DUPLO® Drench Towers.  Situated high at the top of the Valley DUPLO® Drench Towers is the largest water play structure in the UK especially designed for maximum soaking.  Older kids will love dodging the massive tipping brick poised on top of a 10m tower ready to splash its contents at regular intervals.  Watch out those below – with 1200 litres of water spilling every tip of the brick anyone beneath is guaranteed to get very, very wet.   And there are five different sized splashtastic water slides to whizz down.  From an awesome high twisted tube slide to a smaller two lane play slide there’s a River Rapid to suit the whole family.  Drench Towers is aimed at older children who must reach the minimum 1.1m height restriction to take part.

The lovely hotel at LegoLand Winsor
The lovely hotel at LegoLand Winsor

Must admit I’m REALLY looking forward to going, and HOPING the weather is good! Keep an eye on my Twitter as I’ll be tweeting pictures and thoughts throughout the day. Plus as we visit before it opens to the general public you’ll see it FIRST on my Twitter, and possibly on here if I can work out a sensible way to ‘live blog’! You’ll probably get to see some of the action on this hashtag. If you’ve any questions about the new area, drop me a comment below, and if I can’t answer, I’ll find someone who can! 🙂

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