I’ve spent the weekend at LEGOLAND Windsor for the opening of Duplo Valley Splash and Play, it has been a pleasure to be the guest of LEGOLAND and they really looked after the four of us brilliantly well. The £2.5 million Duplo Valley Splash and Play was opened officially by Natasha Hamilton on Sunday 19th May, but we got a sneaky play on Saturday morning. Honestly, it REALLY wasn’t the weather for splashing around and getting soaked, but G and I threw ourselves into it, and had a blast. I’ve got so much to write-up about our weekend, so many pictures and video to sort, its gonna take me a while to get it all together, hopefully early this week though!

Still – to whet your appetite of all things Lego-y have a look at the photos I took just before the LEGOLAND Hotel opened in February 2012

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