I know we’re meant to hate Starbucks and it’s tax dodging / globally dominating ways, but I actually really like one of the branches nearest me. I’m talking about the Kiosk in Chelmsford High Chelmer Shopping Centre. We have two branches in town, this one, and the one on the High Street, the staff in the High Street are generally pleasant (on the whole!) but the staff in the High Chelmer branch really do go that extra mile.

I would say I’m a regular there, probably  I’m there 2-3 times a week, usually with J just for an hour or so out of the house. I keep coming back because of the staff, they are wonderful, there’s always a smile, a ‘Hi! How are you?’, a bit of chat, it’s nice. If I’m wielding the buggy, they’ll offer to bring my drink and food over so I’m not having to juggle it back to the table. The staff are always happy and engaging to J and G too, it’s a nice environment to have a cheeky brew.

It’s not really about the product, I can get a cup of coffee in many places around Chelmsford. It’s all about the experience – a smile, a chat, and the offer of help when with children are such tiny gestures, but they make the difference to where I spend my cash.

Is there anywhere you tend to frequent because the staff / service is excellent?

One thought on “An example of good customer service

  1. LK says:

    Yup my local greengrocers lovely people you get the small talk that isn’t forced and often i get free bits for my animals 🙂

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