It’s been a pretty busy week in the land of this blog.. As well as the average amount of visitors to the blog increasing on a daily basis, the amount of enquiries I’m getting from various PR people is nuts too! I used to get perhaps 1 or 2 every few weeks, now it’s 2 or 3 a day! Obviously some of them are REALLY not right for the site, but a lot are, I’m just baffled where it’s all coming from! It possibly helps my rank in the Tots 100 is steadily increasing, I’m NEARLY in the Top 150 (No. 158). Considering with Tots I’m rubbing shoulders with some of the most prolific bloggers in the UK, I’m feeling pretty proud! Also Cision have declared I’m No. 9 in the UK Daddy Blogs Top 10, madness!

It’s becoming such a ‘thing’ I’m finding more of my working day is becoming dedicated to talking to PR people and writing stuff on here, it’s mad! I’m just puzzled that after writing on here since 2008, only now stuff is starting to pick up in the last month or so! Still, it’s all good fun! We’re taking J to London next week to have a swimming lesson with Karen Pickering all in the name of blogging, crazy! Just hope the momentum continues and I’m able to give you some decent content!

So, thank you for coming along on this journey, I’ve no idea where the hell we’re going, but it should be a giggle! 🙂

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