J is a nosey little thing; he always wants to see what’s going on, especially in the kitchen at meal times. He’s constantly moaning to be picked up so he can see all the action which isn’t practical, and he’s too tiny to stand on a chair or stool safely (if that is even safe?), but we wanted him to be able to ‘help’ do things at worktop height. Loz did a bit of Googling and quickly found the Little Helpers FunPod.


It comes in a variety of colours (All different prices!) – White,Red,Black,Buttermilk,Blue ,Pink,Silver,Walnut and Maple – Phew! They are very expensive, but as J had a little bit of birthday money left over we took the plunge and ordered one, Amazon delivered it next day!



On opening the box I was amazed to see just how well packaged it all was. This would have survived the journey with even the most heavy handed of couriers! The instructions were well laid out and clear and the assembly was very straightforward, even with ‘help’ from J.



It’s certainly very sturdy and stable and has a 7-year manufacturer’s guarantee too, although I can’t foresee it ‘breaking’. The height of the base is determined by the slots in the sides. You can adjust it to five different settings and it’s suitable for children aged 1 to 6 apparently. Then you just pop the little one in, and they are then ready to ‘help’!

J seemed to enjoy watching his milk go into the Microwave, (picture has been animated by Google+’s ‘Auto Awesome’!)


This morning while I needed to empty the Dishwasher (a task J seems to delight in helping with!), I decided to pop him in the FunPod with a bowl and spoon to play to distract him.



He happily ‘mixed’ for ages, occasionally grabbing the bowl and hiding it in the Pod. When I came to take him out, he actually cried! I put him back in for another 5 minutes while I made a drink. So far, so good.

I think the only issue with the Pod is where to store it when it’s not in use. It doesn’t fold down in any way, but I guess if it were ‘collapsible’ you’d lose a certain amount of stability. Whilst it’s not massive, it will be tricky to hide away in our small kitchen. All in all I’m really pleased with it and because it is designed for up to 6 years of age, I’m pleased we’ll get many years use out of it!

One thought on “Review – The Little Helpers FunPod

  1. Emma Button says:

    I’m so glad you got one. It instantly gives them so much confidence in the kitchen. Lara cooks with me at every opportunity now and when her friends come round they all ask for a go in the fun pod! I also used it for when she did colouring or sticking at the table before she was really big enough to sit up at a chair properly.

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