I’ve never really dealt with many PR people before in a professional capacity, no one ever really wants to schmooze a humble designer.Since this place has become more popular though, I’ve been dealing with them on a seemingly daily basis, and it’s been an interesting experience.

Now, before I start moaning, I am most certainly not tarring all the PR folk with the same brush, there are so many wonderful, kind, professional people I’ve dealt with. Heck, I’m even friends with one or two. There as many that are a credit to the name of PR, and will do whatever they can to help, these are the guy who do PR right.

Unfortunately though, there are a handful of shit PR people.

I know in most professions you’ll find people who are bad at their job – no one is perfect! The thing is though PR is a little different, these people are their to effectively ‘sell’ their company or client, be the link between them and ‘Joe Public’. Above all else, it’s about communication.

So why are there so many shit PRs who can’t even get the basics right?

If your job is about communication, then being able to communicate is a given, you’d think! But there are so many PR people I’ve dealt with who can’t even do that. So many times I’ve been given an opportunity, it’s been discussed at length, and then, nothing. It all stops, emails remain unanswered, and it all grinds to a halt. WHY? If there has been a change, or a problem – get it touch, COMMUNICATE!

Other times, I get people sending me stuff off the cuff, without actually looking at my blog – it’s pretty simple what I do here, it’s on the front page

‘I’m a 32 year old PR friendly blogger from Chelmsford, Essex. My blogging subjects include Parenting, Technology, Reviews, Photography, Rants and Raves.’

There’s even a picture of me, just incase my name is confusing and you don’t know if I’m Male or Female, I’ve made it simple for you! So why do so many PR people not do their homework and take a quick look at what this site is about, rather than sending me pitches like.

‘Hi Kip. Love the blog, we work with *lady sanitary product company* we’d like you to review some of their product’ ‘we think it would be a really good fit for your blog’

That’s an extreme example, but not far off what I’ve received before now.

They’ve wasted their time, and more importantly MY time in sending communication like that. Just spending 30 seconds reading my little synopsis tells you all you need to know! I also struggle with PR who know sod all about the product they are pushing, if I ask a question about it, I want YOU to know the answer, don’t refer me to someone else – know your product!

The best PR people are those who are good with two way communication, you can’t just throw out shit and see what sticks. Know your end user, know your product and for goodness sake COMMUNICATE!

2 thoughts on “I’m bored of shit PR people.

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  2. Jem says:

    It’s the assumption that anyone who blogs about parenting is a “mummy blogger”. I get it from the other side from my dev stuff: “dear sir…”. Immediate delete.

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