IMG_0688This weekend we’ve been invited down to one of our favourite local attractions, Marsh Farm, for their new ‘Marsh Farm KidsFest’ event. I’ve been going to Marsh Farm for years, as it’s about 20 minutes from me, and it’s fair to say, each time I’ve been, it’s got better and better – it’s a real hidden ‘day out gem’.

The Marsh Farm KidsFest is billed as a ‘Glastonbury for Kids’ and has all sorts of fun stuff to do, as well as being able to go round the farm itself! The tickets are £21 each, which is pretty decent value considering that’s all you need to pay, the rides and attractions are included in the price. Food and Drink isn’t, but Marsh Farm are happy for families to bring their own and have picnics which is what we’ll probably do! Also with the ticket you’ll get a pass to visit Marsh Farm again, as much as you like between Monday 12th August – Sunday 13th October 2013!

Hopefully the weather will stay decent for it, I’ve got everything crossed! I’ll write a little more about it over the weekend, but if you see us down there come and say Hi, I can’t promise I’ll respond, but I’ll give you an awkward smile!

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