Last Thursday, G and I were invited to an event held by Skribbies at their Pop-Up store in London, to celebrate the launch of their trainers. Skribbies are a different kind of trainer for children, they are white, with different colour accents – Pink, Blue, Neon Black. Skribbies are the creations of the lovely Jennifer Duthie who was hosting the event.

G had shown some interest in the Blue Skribbies, and they kindly had a pair in her size waiting for her to open. In the box you have the trainers, a pack of pens, a pack of stickers and a ‘Monster Wristband’ that you use to wipe off designs, and the wristband will hold one pen too.

SkibbiesBoxG quickly snatched them out of my hand, and was using the pens and stickers to draw on her designs.


The shoes are made of a flexible Whiteboard-esque material, on one hand it’s good, because you can easily wipe away the designs and start again. Sadly though the other, it’s bad, because a knock or rub against something will wipe the designs away.

G had great fun decorating her Skribbies and was over the moon that Sid Sloane from CBeebies could ‘sign’ them for her.


I really love the idea of Skribbies, and the shoes are well made, and G said they were very comfortable, there were no moans of her feet hurting as she wore them on the way home! I was actually pretty pleased she was wearing them for the journey home, the trains were delayed, and the tube journey took an age. G didn’t really care though, she had her head down and was changing the designs of her shoes.


I got some filthy looks from other commuters, allowing my child to draw on her shoes – I did have to say..

“It’s okay – they’re designed to be drawn on!”

.. a few times!

Ultimately, I think these are a fantastic idea, kids will love them, and it’ll keep them busy for hours. I could see G was getting a little frustrated with the fact the designs rub off so easily, hopefully the novelty won’t wear off! That said, even if it does, G will be left with a nice pair of trainers.

4 thoughts on “Skribbies – Shoes you can draw on!

  1. spicers1976 says:

    They look cool, and as long as the child understands not to draw on other shoes then it’s a great idea

  2. Anna says:

    We went to the skribbies pop up shop event too, and my 5 year old has been wanting to wear the shoes non stop ever since. It’s a very cool idea!

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