The two shopping centres in Chelmsford have recently had a piano appear in each with a sign on them saying ‘Play Me’. On Saturday when we met Dan and his kids in town for a cheeky Starbucks, we allowed the kids to go and play on the piano in High Chelmer while we spoke and sipped our coffee.

A few minutes later the children came back looking a bit forlorn. A grumpy member of staff in nearby Linens Direct had told them off and told them to come back when they could play properly. Our parenting hackles were instantly raised, none of the kids can play, it’s just a little bit of fun, and to tell them to come back when they can play properly seemed a bit mean.

We collectively moaned about how rude it was, and how you shouldn’t put pianos in public places, with the invitation of being played and then bemoan children for trying it out. We had errands to run, so we all parted ways and got on with our day, my phone buzzed a little later with a WhatsApp from Dan, it was a picture –


Then another picture arrived..


It says.. “Play me!” and Dan’s little addition is “But play me well or the woman in Linens Direct gets really pissy!”

Dan is awesome. So if you’re in or near Chelmsford, I urge you.. go tinkle the ivories outside Linens Direct!

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2 thoughts on “Don’t upset the B…. in Linens Direct

  1. justanormalmummy says:

    What the hell do they think is gonna happen if they put musical instruments in public places with an open invitation to play! lol 😉 I am so gonna take my toddler down to tinkle the living shit of them ivories 🙂 lol.

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