Tomorrow is a day that has been looming on the calendar for a while now – Mummy is going away on business, leaving me with the baby for two nights and nearly three days. I’ve not been left with a baby for so long since G was small, so it will be interesting! It’s also made worse by the fact that Loz is terrified of flying (see her post here) and I won’t be there to ply her with vodka  help her through the flight.

J is a total Mummy’s Boy – he really is – I’d understand that if I was at work all day and he spent all his time with Loz, but as we’re both at home, we do get a fairly even amount of time with him. Loz did offer to summon the Mother in Law down to help, I don’t think she thinks I can cope, but I’m sure I can. He’s a very good child on the whole, he’s mostly sleeping through, and in a fairly good routine, work will have to take a back seat though as J is a typical boy and needs to run around and be doing stuff. Left to his own devices he could probably strip the TV down to component parts in the blink of an eye.

Tomorrow though we are doing something that should be fun, we’re going to an event in London with Pampers to hear about all the brilliant work they do with UNICEF. It’ll be the first time I’ve taken J across London on my own – Loz has done it several times without incident. I’m feeling slightly nervous about it, escalators, stairs, toddler and a buggy aren’t always the best combo, although it’s good J is a little older as there is a lot less ‘stuff’ to have in his bag. The timing could be slightly better as the event is actually over J’s 1pm-3pm nap time, normally though the excitement of being out and doing something fun should hopefully keep him awake and happy. We’ll see!

My Mum is coming over on Wednesday to take him out for an hour or to so I can get a bit more work done. The whole situation has been made a little bit more stressful by me landing a web design contract that needs to be done by Sunday, work is such an unpredictable beast at times!

I’m sure the time will fly and J will be as good as gold for his Dad.. He will, won’t he?!

4 thoughts on “Mummy is going.. Daddy’s in charge!

  1. pinkoddy says:

    I’m sure you will cope admirably – and then Mommy will know she can go away more often leaving you in charge 😉

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