I’m sorry for being so quiet lately – as I mentioned earlier in the week Loz is away, on top of this I’ve had my busiest week of work EVER.

Being self employed has lots of benefits, but largely you can’t turn down work, annoyingly it always seems that it all comes at once, this week has been no exception. Something’s gotta give, and for this week, at least, the blog will be it (although it’s nearly been *me* on a few occasions!) I’ve got so much cool stuff I’ve got to write about, first up is the incredible Pampers / UNICEF event, several phone reviews for the geeks and lots more beside.

I’m determined to find time for it all – September was another figure smashing month, and I’ve worked too hard on the blog to let it fall behind!

Anyway, I hop you’re all good, and once again, sorry for the silence!

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