Out of Office e-mails are shit..

‘I am currently out of the office until 19th October – I will deal with your e-mail on my return’

..is pretty standard

Not for this lovely PR person though she has clearly thought about hers.. (Had to remove some of the personal details) – Is this the BEST Out of Office Ever?

Subject : Sorry, <name removed> is in Morocco now so you ain’t getting a reply until Monday 28th October

Thanks for your email – as usual, I’m delighted to hear from you, but sadly, I’m not here to hear it. I’m actually here for a week, essentially just loving life going down slides for grown ups all day:

#JealousMuch? I’ll be back on the 28th October, I won’t have any discernable tan, because I’m pale and interesting, but I probably will be three times the size and suffering from third degree waterslide burns.

If you need help in the meantime here are the opportunities to get some:

1. Email the Head of PR, my manager <name removed>, on <email removed>

2. If your inquiry is regarding Financial PR, please email

3. Consumer PR query? Email <email removed>, they’re awesome and will assemble like a PR army to get you samples/images/a telephone meeting with someone important/whatever your heart desires.

4. If it’s a corporate PR query, hit up , they also rock and and will leave you zhuzhed without you even knowing it. A delicate zhuzh is a thing of beauty, so take a moment to admire it.

5. If your query relates to an incident on our social media channels, you could try emailing <email removed>, who are our guys and girls on the ground. If you are emailing about something that requires escalation, then please email <email removed>.

<name removed>

THAT’S how you do an Out of Office!

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