You might have read this post a few weeks ago about my Merlin Pass dilemma – I can’t really afford to fork out for one in one go, Tesco have bumped the price up of a pass to £50 worth of Tesco Vouchers (£5000 spent at Tesco!), so I wasn’t sure how to go ahead.

I’ve since discovered ‘Merlin Membership‘. It’s a scheme that allows you to buy Merlin Passes and pay in instalments by Direct Debit. It does cost more than buying a pass outright, but, it’s not much more, and it’s good to have the option of paying out in smaller pieces. The prices are very reasonable and are £12.99 per month for a Standard Pass and £15.99 per month for Premium Pass, that’s for one person. If you want passes for the family if you get three or more the price is £9.99 per month (per person) for a Standard Pass and £11.99 per month (per person) for the Premium Passes. You’re tied in for 12 months, and then you can just continue paying or cancel after the minimum term.

The difference between the Standard and Premium Passes are below –


You need to call them up (on a freephone number!) to organise it, they take all your details – you pay on credit or debit card for the first payment and give them bank details to pay for the subsequent months via Direct Debit. You choose where to collect your pass from and that becomes your ‘home’ location – so if you lose it you have to go back there for a replacement. The Pass is active as soon as you put the phone down which is pretty awesome too!

The passes do pay for themselves in 3 or 4 visits and if you go to London you can do The London Eye, The London Aquarium and London Dungeons in one day! The passes are good to have for little random days out too, it’s nice to have the option of a ‘oh what the hell’ day out somewhere – we’re doing that on Lozzie’s Birthday next week!

So I’ve signed myself up for a Premium Membership, and I’ll see how many points we have when it’s time to renew G and Loz’s passes next year.

Update – It’s all over READ MORE

Further Update – 01/19 – It’s BACK! The Merlin Membership returns for 2019

6 thoughts on “Merlin Pass in Instalments? Step forward Merlin Membership

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  2. Rebecca says:

    This website does not work, it just directs me to the actual merlin pass page? Is this is a real website?

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