It’s no lie – I’m a total Richard Herring fan, he is a legend, and a really lovely bloke too.

He does a LOT of work for free, seemingly endless free podcasts and his Warming Up Blog are just sublime.

Earlier in the year he started to have his BRILLIANT Leicester Square Theatre Podcast filmed, with all the episodes to purchase from GoFasterStripe for £3.50 each, or £15 for a Series Pass that gets them all. You’ll remember in the previous Season Stephen Fry made his suicide revelation to a stunned Herring and audience.

Richard’s interviewing style is very different from the norm, and because it’s all independently made, there aren’t the time constraints of television where a guest only has 5-10 minutes of talking time. Theres is normally an hour or more of good old fashioned chat.

Series 4 has JUST started, and whilst I don’t think I’ll be able to attend as many shows at the Leicester Square Theatre as I did last Series, I’m certainly coughing up the £15 for the Series Pass. He’s got Dara O’Briain, Simon Pegg, Ross Noble and Miles Jupp already confirmed, plus plenty more to come. I urge you, if you’re a fan of comedy, or even celebrity talk shows, please buy a Series Pass. For the price of a round of drinks, you’ll get hours of entertainment and help support the ongoing endeavours of one of the nicest men in comedy! The files have no DRM or silliness and can be watched on a multitude of devices.

You can get a Series Pass and buy previous episodes here, of course – if you’re tight, or poor, you can listen to the audio versions here.

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