I love Nerf Guns (sorry!) Nerf Blasters – they are the kind of toy I fawned over as a child, these blasters sell by the lorry load, and last week I was invited to an event to see the two latest models, the Rapidstrike CS-18 and the Mega.It was held at the swanky Paramount in Centre Point that has beautiful views across London.


The event started off fairly low-key, there was a shooting (or blasting) competition where at the end of the night the winners would take home a Golden CS-18 or a Golden Mega. I just hung around the bar with Alex from Daddacool drinking the free beer and chatting to the gathered press, and Nerf Geeks. The whole floor was decorated with the blasters lined up around the windows, and there was a green screen area set up for you to pose with a blaster – I was pleased with how mine turned out.


Daddacool decided he needed to channel an 80’s action film in his shot – the shirt came off, and the tie bandana went on..


*Shakes head* It’s a vision that I don’t think will leave me for many years!

Time passed, drinks were drunk, and as you can imagine – it all started getting a bit crazy. The ‘display Blasters’ were robbed from the window ledges and the #NerfOfficeWars began with ‘teams’ forming either end of the floor. The long range (23 metres!) and BiPod of the Mega proving to be a favourite, although the rapid fire (3 rounds per second) of the Rapidstrike CS-18 were popular for those who were a little closer. I actually caught the moment ‘the war’ started..

I’ll do a full review of the Nerf Rapidstrike and Mega in due course, I think it’s something G will enjoy reviewing with me! Also I’ve got a Nerf Rapidstrike CS-18 to giveaway, more on that later in the week!

It was a lot of fun tearing around Paramount with the Blasters, and meeting some new folk outside of the blogging world! Kudos to the PR team for putting on such an awesome event, I’m glad I wasn’t the one picking up all the Darts!

Don’t forget you can get both these blasters from Amazon.co.uk and purchasing them you help support the blog..

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