So wagwan? I’ve been a busy busy bumblebee – so many cool things have happened in the space of a few days.

First up is the official announcement that I’ve joined the Kiddicare Blog Family. I’ll be publishing regular posts for Kiddicare on their blog, obviously I got ‘sacked‘ from my previous guest blogging job at the Fictional Lady’s Journal site. They didn’t really like the ‘tone’ of some of my posts on here, which is fine, I called X-Factor viewers cu..(well you know) and a lot of their demographic watch it, and I don’t think my views on childhood obesity helped either. The thing is, the team at Kiddicare are awesome, they know what they are getting from me, they know how I write, and they accept my style. I’m a MASSIVE fan of the brand and I honestly can’t wait to do more with them in the future!

The fabulous people at Mini (yes the actual car manufacturer!) have asked me to judge the entries to their ‘NOT NORMAL’ Competition – they’ve had children from 0-12 designing their own ‘not normal’ Mini. I’ve got to choose the winner and the prize is a luxury stay in Lapland! I’m kinda scared by the prospect, it really is the holiday of a lifetime and something they’ll no doubt remember forever and I’m tasked to decide who deserves it!

Also had a shock to find that Love All Blogs have named me on of the ‘Five Blogs you need in your life’ I must admit I was really touched by Donna’s words, it’s really good to know that people appreciate what I do – it kinda makes all the time and effort I spend on here worthwhile!

Speaking of which, I must thank you all for clicking through to Amazon from my blog, please keep doing it. I don’t run adverts on here so the Amazon Affiliate scheme keeps me in the odd BluRay and random bit of tut from my Wishlist!

Right – I’ve got about five posts that need writing, so I best get my head down and crack on!

Stay awesome!

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