Whilst the geeky part of me loves the fact J can unlock our phones, and use cool apps like ‘Goodnight Mo‘, I am a real stickler for him playing with more simple toys – stuff that doesn’t take batteries and scream in annoying US accents. I love J using his imagination and making noises for himself, and having more interactive play, and not just pressing plastic buttons and

I got chatting with the lovely folks at The Canterbury Toy Shop via their Twitter as they seem to have a similar ethos, and stock traditional wooden toys exclusively, from traditional Brio Train Sets to exquisite Dolls Houses. Their website proudly boasts –

‘Our wooden toys have not only been thoroughly tested by reputable and ethical manufacturers but most of them have been through the rigorous testing of our very own toddler’

20130914_181915 (1)Which I think is just perfect, it’s great to see a smaller independant business that takes care and pride in what they stock, something that is slowly being lost on the high street. They sent J a Chunky Transport Puzzle, which his nuts about, he seems to like the cars and trucks out of the puzzle and pushing them around the living room making ‘Brum Brum’ noises. There was also an awesome EverEarth Interchangeable Vehicle which comes with various wooden pieces for the little ones to make their own vehicles. I do have to help him push the pieces together as he’s not quite got the dexterity, but he loves all the little variations on the diggers and cars we can make. His favorite thing is pushing the vehicles across the radiator cover as it makes a real racket. Boys eh?

There is of course nothing wrong with letting ones play with technology, but sometimes I really think it’s better to give them something simple and let their imagination run wild! What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Keeping Toys SIMPLE (and quiet!) – Why I like Wooden Toys..

  1. Betty says:

    I love wooden toys for kids! I’ve been gifting them to my nieces and nephews. I love buying Melissa and Doug toys–most are wooden, plush and non-electronic.

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