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This is a slightly hungover Kippeh, coming to you from gloomy Chelmsford.. Just 12 hours ago, I was in a hotel bar in Liverpool, with Kate Nash, and Canadian Rock Star Jonas from Jonas and the Massive Attraction. In possibly one of the weirdest nights of my life, I’ll tell you how it all unfolded.

I’d been invited to Liverpool by JBL to the launch of their new Synchros Headphones – a beautifully crafted range of premium headphones. I’ll write about them soon, but I thought I’d get the event blog-dumped while it’s still fresh in my mind.

There was a Party at Liverpool’s most famous venue ‘The Cavern Club’ last night, a mix of people from Tech Journalists, Ferrari Owners and Dealers (JBL Sound Equipment is in Ferrari cars), Competition Winners, PR folks and little ol’ me. There were four acts performing on stage to us too, the beautiful Kate Nash was headlining, and Jonas and the Massive Attraction were up just before her. The chaps from Jonas were lovely, I stood chatting at the bar with them for a bit, and they are fantastic performers, Jonas has an incredible voice, and Corey OWNS the guitar. They’re not well known over here, but check out their stuff online. Love it!

Jonas and Corey rocking out

Annnyway – I had had a little too much Veuve Clicquot Champagne and I decided I MUST meet Kate Nash, and I wanted a photo to boot. I stood watching her on stage as she performed, and was knocked off my feet, she’s GREAT live, and Linda her guitarist was awesome too. I had begged Marco my PR contact for JBL to do whatever he could to get me with Miss Nash and get a photo. He promised me he’d see what he could do.. When she got off stage I milled around the dressing room, there was a burly security chap who wasn’t letting anyone without an orange wristband in.


I got a video of Kate covering The Beatles song “I Should Have Known Better”

I hung around with Marco, berating his PR skills and he enlisted the skills of videographer Rich (who was allowed in and out of the back stage area) to get me ‘In’

“Kip, I need your help with this bag” said Rich as he handed me a massive bag. It took me a second to click as to what he meant.

Ahhh, I was going to march into the backstage officially ‘helping’ with the camera equipment. BRILLIANT.

Rich strolled in passed security, I swanned directly behind and a big arm shot up.

“NO” Growled the security guard.

“I’m helping the camera guy with his equipment – I’m part of the team” I protested.

His arm didn’t move – it was clear I wasn’t wearing the right wrist band, Rich shrugged and I passed the bag over to him over the security guy’s arm.

I was crushed, the dressing room crash had failed. I hung around the door waiting, and hoping that I might get my chance, Marco reassured me it’d happen. Thankfully Rich, my man on the inside had managed to get chatting to Kate, and mentioned that I was loitering, and that I’d really like a photo and to say Hi.

photoShe did exactly that, she came straight out and apologised for me having to wait around, we spoke for ages about her performance, and her tour (she’d flown in from the States in the afternoon) and what she was up to next whispers there might be a Christmas song! She was so, so nice, and amazingly perky considering the fact her tour had just finished and she’d had such a long flight – and of course – I got my photo.

WP_20131126_00_08_51_Pro__highres (1)

I continued to drink with my fellow geeks, as the crowds thinned out, I was utterly made up, it was an incredible event and I’d met bloody Kate Nash.

But then.. it got a little better.

As people started to leave, Kate and Linda came out for a little boogie, and were chatting to a motoring journalist, Sam Sheehan – I wandered over and was accosted by Sam to take a photo of him with Kate and Linda, which I did, so long as he returned the favour.


I had a nice long chat with Linda too, she was lovely and was talking about the tour, and how her and Kate get along, and how great it was to play in the Cavern Club. Her and Kate had to go, so we said goodbye and all made our way back to the hotel.

Back in the Hotel bar, Jonas was sat having a chat with some of the JBL / Harman team we decided to join them and chatted for ages. Kate and Linda came into the bar too and had a couple of drinks with us. It was just so surreal, I know famous people are just people too, but sitting having a drink with one of my favourite artists was just incredible. I also made sure I got a photo with Jonas too – we make a cute couple 😉


Kate and Linda sloped off to bed and we said our goodbyes – when they’d gone I turned to the bar maid and said..

‘That’s bloody Kate Nash! She’s following me on Instagram now!’ – I’m an utter star struck moron, but you know, it is kinda cool.

So thank you so much to JBL for making magic happen, Marco and Rich for their efforts of getting me ‘in’, and Kate, Linda, Jonas and Core for giving me one of the best, and weirdest nights of my life.

Grab Kate’s Music from here and Jonas and the Massive Attraction are here

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