5000169997_UK_PACIFIRIM_3DBD_OR_3DsmallThe awesome folks at Warner Bros sent me a copy of ‘Pacific Rim‘ on Blu Ray. I love an action flick and was pleased to get the a copy of this film as I just don’t get to the cinema these days. It was a fab excuse to kick back on the sofa, crank up the subwoofer and veg out to some mindless, non stop action.

Directed by Guillermo Del Toro, Pacific Rim tells the story of a not to distant future where earth is being attacked by massive sea monsters called ‘Kaijus’. The human race bands together to create robots called ‘Jaegers’, which are controlled by humans, to destroy the Kaijus. Whilst the Jaegers are effective, the Kaijus evolve, and increase in size, and attack more, destroying the Jaegers. There is lots of other stuff going on, but that’s essentially it. The film is a sort of mix of Godzilla, Cloverfield, Transformers, Armageddon and a hint of Real Steel – not really a bad thing, all of those films (aside from Real Steel) are pretty iconic action films.

I won’t go to much in to the plot as I’ll probably spoil it – check out the synopsis HERE on IMDb.

It’s a fabulously fun film, it’s got a 12 rating, so the violence isn’t overly graphic (and to be fair most of the violence is against sea monsters and robots). The CGI looks AMAZING, proper jaw dropping ‘is this real’ type amazing, it was shot in 2D, with the CGI scenes (of which there are many) created in 3D. I did notice on a few occasions on a few of the green screen shots where there isn’t any real CGI (ie. actors talking with a CGI backdrop) it did look a little obvious it was shot on a green screen!

My only other niggle is the ‘Gottlieb’ character who is a slightly socially awkward scientist has the WORST accent I’ve EVER heard. I cringed at every word that came out his mouth. *Shudder* I think he was doing some sort of ‘nerd voice’, it’s just very weird and sightly hammed up. Yes, it is a bit of a cheesy action flick, but everyone else seemed to be taking it fairly seriously. Whilst we’re talking shit accents, Rob Kazinsky, or ‘Sean from Eastenders, you know, the fit one’ as he’s better known has the most diabolical Aussie accent EVER.

Shite accents aside, it’s a fun action flick, and a beautiful Blu-Ray, with eye popping picture and neighbour annoying sound, if you like a good action film, you certainly can’t go wrong with Pacific Rim!

You can get it from Amazon here on Bluray and here on DVD

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