We’ve got a MASSIVE bush outside the front of my house – it’s great for stopping people passing by peering in, but it’s an utter pain because it needs cutting back twice a year. We weren’t overly busy on Saturday, and the weather was reasonable so I decided to trim the bush.

It took ages, and I filled the green recycling bin (plus two sacks) but I’d done it! I stank of ‘bush’ and sweat, but it was a job well (ish) done. I gave myself a pat on the back, Loz coo-ed at my manly achievements, all was good.


Or so I thought.

Tidying up in the kitchen a little later, I picked up a ceramic mixing bowl with one hand… in what can only be described as a massive spasm of my lower back, I shook like an idiot and cried out in pain.

My back had gone.

I’ve probably had my back go about 5 times before, this hurt.. REALLY hurt.

After being filmed in pain for Instagram by my darling wife.. (yes I do call her a c-unit), I took some painkillers and hoped it would improve.

It didn’t

It hasn’t.

Loz managed to get me in to the doctors this morning, past the reception trolls, and the diagnosis was as I expected. I’ve fucked my back.

So I’ve got a nice trio of drugs, Co-Dydramol for pain, Naproxen to reduce the inflammation, and some Diazepam as a muscle relaxant. I should be better in TWO WEEKS (groan). I really hate feeling so useless. If I sit or stand for too long, whenever I go to do the other I’m in agony and the muscles in the base of my back twitch like crazy making me shake like I’m being electrocuted.

Loz has been very good and taken all of the J duties on (I can’t really pick him up!), she has her uses 😉

Any of you suffer with poorly backs?

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