I’ve written before about how some PR people can be a bit (or a lot) shit. I’ve come up with 5 top tips, which. in my opinion could improve relationships between Bloggers and PR people. Obviously I’m not a PR person, but these are just based on my experience within the blogging world.

1. Paid Travel Expenses will get Bloggers at your Event.
Generally one of the first things many Bloggers will want to know if you’re inviting them to an event – Will you provide travel expenses? It obviously adds a cost to your campaign, but times are hard, and the promise of travel expenses being paid will get most bloggers to your event. There are of course some bloggers who will come and pay for their own travel just for the experience. I’ve done this MANY times and thankfully a train ticket for me to get to London isn’t TOO expensive so I may absorb the cost if I think the event is worth it. The thing is though, for those out of the commuter zones, the cost of getting there can make a difference to their attendance.

2. Think about your Event Timing.
The time of day that you hold your event can be crucial, if it’s too early it will probably interfere with school runs (same with later in the afternoon!). Plus if you’ve ignored point 1 – Peak Travel is stupidly expensive! So generally, if it’s a day event 10.30-14.30 ish is pretty good, if it’s an evening event, then perhaps starting at 6-7pm onwards is optimal (let other halves get back from work and take over!)

3. Get people TALKING.
Get to know your bloggers, schmooze with them and introduce them to other bloggers when you’re doing an event. There are so many bloggers out there, we can’t all know everybody! There will be people at your event who may have never MET any other Bloggers before – get people talking, introduce Bloggers to other Bloggers!

4. Take an interest in your Bloggers!
The best PR folk I know will know me, my family, and what I’ve been upto because they keep an eye on their bloggers. It’s so lovely to chat with a PR who cares and seems to take an interest in you the person, I met up with one of my favourite PR’s and they immediately asked how G+J were doing, how my trip to Alton Towers went etc. I’ll happily work with those who are interested in me over someone who treats you as ‘just another blogger’.

5. Target your campaign properly.
It seems so obvious, bus something a lot of PR folk don’t seem to do! Make sure you’re targeting the right people for your campaign, babies don’t stay babies forever and it’s a waste of your time offering toddler toys to someone with a tweenager! I’ve had several PR’s offering me posts / competitions based around ‘The X Factor’ (erm!!). If you keep sending out stuff that’s of no interest you’re more likely to find your emails being marked as spam than being read. Don’t tell people that you think your campaign will be a ‘good fit’ for their blog, do your research and make sure it really IS!

Do you have any thoughts as to how PR people could work better with us Bloggers?

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